Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer

Singing Bowls & Overtone Singing

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Monika Ullherr-Lang
Harry Becker

Music of
the spheres

Singing Bowls 1

Jessica Burri uses her singing bowls
as a large and variable musical instrument
and composes pieces of music for overtone
singing with singing bowl accompaniments.

Overtones are components of sound and
cannot usually be heard individually. They
determine the tone color of the audible
fundamental. They can be compared to
the colors of the rainbow. White light
consists of seven colors which can only
be seen individually when they are
broken by a prism or a raindrop.
It is also possible to filter
individual overtones, as in
overtone singing.

The sound of the
bowls is delicate and
clear and are most
effective in churches
or in spaces
with comparable

Jessica Burri’s
singing bowls
have been especially
selected and
form a musical