Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer

Sacred Christmas Stories

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© Photo: Harry Becker

Music of
the spheres

Sacred Christmas Stories (in German)

The Christmas Story – St. Luke, 2: 1-21
The burning Sky – Armenian legend
The wooden Stick – Spanish legend
The Blessing of the bread dough
The Branch of St. Barbara – Ruhr Valley
The Silver Spring – Ruhr Valley

see also Christmas Fairy Tales

“There is no other time of the
year in which stories are easier
to capture and miracles seem to be
true than during Advent: angels and other
beings seem - in candlelight and the
fragrance of pine trees – to be not at all
far away. Jessica Burri puts all of these
in her Christmas package of legends full
of sound – in a sound collage consisting
of stories, music and singing. No single
element of soprano singing, storytelling
and music stands on its own – it all
flows into the entire work of art.”


“We have not only just
now heard the Christmas
Story – we have also
experienced it thanks to
Jessica Burri. These are
fireworks for our senses.”

Ulrike Nowoczin