Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer


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© Photo: Harry Becker

Magical places from the past
come back to life

Ruhr Valley

© Kira Schulte &
Stephan Krahwinkel
(Used with kind

The telling of myths is a
core area of Jessica Burri’s
artistic work, especially myths
from the Ruhr Valley. Jessica Burri’s
project for the European Capital of
Culture 2010 (The Ruhr Valley) was
“The mythical Ruhr Valley”, a program
of myths from the entire region.
It is her goal to convey the Ruhr Valley
through myths in such a way,
that the residents and visitors
can see it from a very
different point of view.

“The past, the present and
the future connect in her consistent
work on local stories with my vision
of an Emscher (a river in the Ruhr Valley)
on whose banks the singsong of the elves,
the murmuring of the ice giants, the whinnying
of the wild horses could be heard again someday.
Jessica Burri creates sound images
which awaken in me the wish to form this
world on the river and to develop a habitat
for imagination and creativity; her art is
thus useful in the best sense of the word,
in order to demonstrate goals for
fulfilling our wishes.”

Hans van Ooyen