Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer

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© Photo: Diethelm Wulfert Fotodesign

Magical places from the past
come back to life

“In a manner which is both
unusual and exciting, Jessica Burri
carries her listeners off to faraway worlds
of sound. The stories which she tells, often
derived from cultures which are foreign to us,
are framed by and imbued with melodies
which she plays on unusual instruments
such as the dulcimer and with songs, in
which her training and experience as an
opera singer is audible – a fabulous ‘total
work of art’ which will reverberate
in the listener for a long time!”

Dr. Heinrich Dickerhoff,
President of the European
Storytelling Society

Jessica Burri’s specialty
is an unusual art of storytelling.
She develops musical programs in
which she tells stories, fairy tales
and myths which have been arranged
musically with singing and sounds to
illustrate the text and accompanies herself
on the dulcimer. During her performances,
she she spirits her audience away on a
journey to unique worlds of sound,
experience and images.