Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer

Medieval Stories

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© Photo: Marcus Koopmann

Magical places from the past
come back to life

Medieval Stories (in German)

The Choice of the Three Boxes
The Holy Grail
The Donkey

“Jessica Burri
performed medieval
stories for adults with her
fairylike voice in the
Rococo Hall of Kamp Abbey.
It was a success for the
Kamp Abbey Center:
the evening for epicures
was yet again sold out.”

RP Online

“Having been a fan
of fairy tales all my life and as
the grandmother of five, you have
given me a wonderful evening of
storytelling, which could not have
been more beautiful or happier.
Thank you, thank you – you have
made me and many other members
of the audience very happy.”

Karin Schabacker