Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer

Stories from around the World

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© Photo: Harry Becker

Magical places from the past
come back to life

Stories from around the World (in German)

Why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears – Africa
The Smith at the gates of Hell – Poland
Kamiyo from the River – South Africa
The Corn Mother – Native American
The Herb Thief – Switzerland
The blue Rose – China

“Jessica Burri spirited
her audience away after
the opening speech by Mayor
Guenter Scheib into a magical fairy
tale world with queens, princesses,
intrigues and a dragonfly who turned
out to be a fairy. With singing bowls,
small bells, the sound of the gong
and percussion instruments the
performance artist illustrated
her gripping tale.”

Rheinische Post

“It made one feel like a
child in Fairy Tale
Land. It was wonderful.”

Edgar Hochbein,
a member of the audience,
Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum, Hilden