Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer

The Sun – Creation Myths

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© Photos: Harry Becker

Magical places from the past
come back to life

The Duo “Inspiration”:
Kersten Elisabeth Pfaff, modern dance
Jessica Burri, Soprano & Dulcimer

The Sun – Creation Myths (in German)

Amatherasu – Japanese creation myth
Nuth, Mother of all – Egypt
Soreghina – Italian myth

“Jessica Burri,
a singer, instrumentalist and
composer, knew how to capture her
audience with her art. Reciting, singing
and playing the dulcimer in a virtuoso
manner, she opened fascinating worlds
of sound for her listeners. …
Kersten Elisabeth Pfaff illustrated
impressively the events of Creation. …
Seriousness and clarity of interpretation
contributed here, as in other parts
of the program, to the clarification
of the contents. Recitation,
music and dance melted together
to a unit of unusually great
density and intensity.”

Recklinghaeuser Zeitung

“The program, a moving,
carefully crafted and
elaborate production, lasted
nearly 90 minutes, in which
dance and music – voice, singing and
instrumental interpretation –
melded together in a fantastic
and careful way.”

Iris Pfenniger, project report
on “The Sun”