Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer

The mythical Emscher

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© Photos:

Diethelm Wulfert Fotodesign
Harry Becker

Magical places from the past
come back to life

The mythical Emscher (in German)

The Emscher Fairy Emrizza (Wolfgang Viehweger)
The first Horse in the Emscher Valley
Emscher Sprite and Emscher Nymph
The Bridge over the Emscher
Ambis and Cara

“It is impressive
to see how Jessica
Burri’s competence and
poise, her sensitivity
and devotion reached
the fascinated


“It was enchanting.”

Ralf Schumacher,

“I am rarely speechless
– but you have managed
to make me speechless.”

Ulla Zymner, artist