Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer

Mythical Coalmining

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© Photo: Harry Becker

Magical places
from the past
come back to life

The artist at work

By Ulrike Gondorf,
© WDR 3, Mosaik
(Used with kind

Mythical Coalmining (in German)

The magical Hole and the magical Mirror
Why the Devil has a horse’s Hoof
The Discovery of Hard Coal
The branch of St. Barbara
Light in the Goaf
The silver Nail

“Her audience
hears the Emscher
babbling, the wind,
the rumbling of thunder,
horses’ hooves and even
the crackling of a fire.”

Allgemeine Zeitung

“I felt as though
I had been enchanted.
You have a holy seriousness
and fill the space around you with
such an intensity that you appear
to be three or four times larger
than anyone else, like a djinn
out of the bottle.”

Karin Jessen, artist

More about coal mining

Karl Heupel

Der Revierkucker